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Dayanna Peek is a 2020 graduate of Celebration High School in Kissimmee, FL. Peek arrived to the University of Florida in August 2020 as a freshman in the International Studies program. Peek then added a major in Public Relations to enhance their education. Peek’s expected graduation is in Summer 2024 with a B.A. in International Studies and a B.S. in Public Relations. Peek has interned for the Hawk for Congress campaign as a Social Media Coordinator and for the Ultimate 3D Printing Store as a Digital Marketing Lead. Post-graduation, Peek hopes to work in the media or fashion field. For the Summer 2023 term, Peek will move to Nashville, TN to intern with Universal Music Group as a Digital Operations intern. 

Peek enjoys working on freelance projects as a photographer and videographer. Peek enjoys making content or modeling content for brands and companies that aspire to work alongside them. Peek is a DJ that likes to spin electro, techno, and bass tracks to make a crowd dance. Peek is also an advanced user of Adobe After Effects and enjoys VFX and editing inside the program for leisure. Peek hopes to work for a company that provides flexibility, stability, and a fun work culture.

Dayanna Peek's Resume

Work Sample

The work sample attached above is a writing sample created for the course ENC3252 (Writing for Strategic Communication). This course focuses on preparing the future generations of communicators to write effectively and hone their skills on thinking creatively. 

The work above details a campaign that I created for Hennessy that elaborates on a native advertising campaign they could employ to promote their brand. Native advertising refers to a form of paid advertisement where the content is cohesive with the page/site/platform in which it appears. The paper focuses on a collaboration with the widely known rapper Future. In this collaboration, the Hennessy marketing team would develop lyrics for a hook in a new Future song called "Henny in My Cup". The club ready song would promote people to purchase the liquor as Future glamorizes it throughout the song and through the music video and promotional materials (photoshoots and cover art) that Hennessy would cover.


I decided to attach the assignment above due to the creative approach I took in designing this campaign. I created the lyrics that Future would implement in his song "Henny in My Cup" and I ensured that the lyrics would represent the current branding/image of Future while simultaneously promoting Hennessy. Furthermore, I detailed the edited images/video screencap and social media plan that would accompany the release of the song. The images all include Future handling a bottle of Hennessy while tagging the brand in the caption and labeling the image as a paid advertisement. I think that this work sample highlights my ability to understand youth culture and create a bridge between corporations and artistry. 

Class Evaluation Letter

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